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Mike Kaplan
Course instructor Mike Kaplan,
CEO and Owner of The Kaplan Group, Inc.
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What are students saying?

I am very impressed with Secrets of a Master Closer. The book and seminar made me more aware of the complete process of a sale. The test questions are set up to make sure you absorb the most important points in each lesson. I have put Mike’s advice into practice and have already seen my sales improve.*

Allie P.

I sell cars and Secrets of a Master Closer was very helpful and has changed my ways of selling. I would recommend this course to anyone that’s selling anything. This is all you need.*


I have read many books on selling, but Secrets of a Master Closer, on the nuts and bolts of selling, is the best training that I have ever done. I have been in sales for well over 10 years, and this course helped me tremendously. I wish I had done it 10 years ago. If you are just getting started in sales, make this the very first training you do. If you are a veteran, make this the next training you do. It really is that good. Worth every penny!*

C. Lloyd Jr.

This course delivers an 8-Step program for closing sales. The course is well designed and easy to follow. It is one of the best courses on selling I’ve ever done and I will use this information for years to come. Closing is the key to sales and this course provides everything you need to be successful.*

Gary Tu

Last week I did this brilliant course by Mike Kaplan on how to close sales more easily and more often. I’m in telesales and need to get the attention of a prospect quickly, hold their attention, and then move to a “close” in a smooth, logical and professional way. I’ve been putting the tips into practice and what a difference it’s making! Every script suggestion I’ve used has worked brilliantly! I loved the seminar and the easy to read e-book and the clear examples of scripts I can use for each of the suggested 8 steps of a sale. It’s given me more confidence as well as knowledge about how to manage the entire sales cycle. My whole-hearted recommendation is – if you want to lift your sales game – do this course!*

H. Curran

This is the master key to all the sales books and seminars you have ever read or watched. There are a lot of great sales books and seminars out there by other authors and speakers. However, this seminar and course makes all the others make perfect sense to the beginner and will surprise the sales veteran more than a few times with insights they hadn’t thought of before or maybe didn’t totally understand. Every salesperson should do this course and reference back to it every year or whenever a slump comes along. Simplicity can be very beautiful and effective. This seminar and course certainly lives up to that description.*

W. Perry

In this course you will learn:

  • The 8 steps needed to close any sale
  • How to create closing opportunities at will
  • How and when to close
  • How to turn any objection into a closing opportunity
  • How to close more sales in less time
  • and much more!




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About Mike Kaplan

I'm Mike Kaplan, and I've been fortunate to build 3 multimillion dollar sales companies, including an Inc. 500 winner, which I ultimately sold.

I attribute much of my success to my ability to sell, which helped me not only get into business for myself, but train hundreds of salespeople over the years and build large, productive sales forces.

Most likely you’re here because you have an interest in increasing the number of sales you can make, or the sales of others that work for you.

Whether you're new to sales and have no experience, or you're a seasoned veteran looking for a way to boost your numbers, I can help you. I can make you a Master Closer.

Mike Kaplan

What is Selling?

Learn the definition of selling and 8 steps of every sale. This is your "road map" which will lead you to more closes in shorter period of time.

Three Types of Sales People

What are the three types of salesperson and which one are you right now? Spoiler alert: One of them is "closer."

The Introduction

How to set the stage from the very beginning of the sale by grabbing the prospect's interest and establishing positive control, which is the key to being able to guide your prospect through all 8 steps.


How to easily discover which prospects can use and pay for your product/service, and which can't. Time is your most valuable commodity as a salesperson, and if wasted, it costs you money.

Find the Problem

How do you discover your prospects' biggest problems or desires and match your product or service to those needs?

Setup the Presentation

How to get prospects begging to hear your sales presentation and solutions. Fail to do this and your presentation can fall on deaf ears.