The ultimate small business marketing course

The ultimate small business marketing course

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Joy Gendusa - PostcardMania Founder
Course instructor Joy Gendusa,
CEO and Founder of PostcardMania
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What are small business owners saying?

It had the key talking points and it hit specifically what I am looking for. I am getting a lot of traffic to my site and google my business thanks to your suggestions. The tips on reworking my site to convert leads is my focus.


I am very pleased so far and feel that this intro was valuable enough that I am motivated to continue the course. I especially like the interactive part which will lead to a tangible product once I’m finished. This provides more motivation. As a former teacher, I think this is extremely well designed.


This was eye opening for me. This first lesson is expanding my knowledge about marketing. The information was presented in a friendly and professional way.


This course had a lot of information I needed. I was surprised that people go to my website first before calling. Everything was clear.


The lessons are interested and informative. This is very encouraging.


Thinking about my customer’s emotions towards my product/service was very valuable. Understanding that a lot of small business owners are skeptical and unsure about marketing helps me with my message and how I can relate to them.


Great gradient steps you have laid out. Practical was good to do, as I realized that it doesn’t have to take MONTHS for me to get my two businesses being in a normal operating basis — it CAN be done in a month or two maximum by doing enough outflow.





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Marketing Course

In this course you will learn how to:

  • Grow your business exponentially
  • Market smarter
  • Track your marketing
  • Advertise effectively
  • Market on multiple channels
  • and much more!

About Joy Gendusa

Joy Gendusa is the Founder and CEO of PostcardMania, a $60M business with nearly 300 staff members. But that very same business wasn’t always such a powerhouse. It began in 1998 in a small cottage with an idea from Joy and a small handful of hard-working people.

Thanks to Joy’s entrepreneurial savvy and marketing mastery—the same tools she will teach you in this course—she was able to build that “small idea” into a not-so-small marketing empire.

Through hands-on, practical exercises, Joy will share with you her secrets to success and teach you how to implement into your business everything that she’s used to build up her own.

PostcardMania's Excecutive Team

PostcardMania's Executive Team

Learn More About Joy's Entrepreneurial Journey

PostcardMania in 2021

Joy in her new office

Over 300 strong - and growing every day!

Opening our new office

Our third office

Joy and her team in the early days

Our second office

Joy Gendusa at her first trade show

PostcardMania: 1998

Course Curriculum

What You Will Learn

Lessons 1-3

Marketing Essentials

Start by exploring the basics of marketing terminology and beginning to develop your marketing strategy. We’ll help you create a marketing budget that will set you up for business growth, and then we’ll show you the differences between responses and returns on your investment.

Lessons 4-6

Marketing Tactics

Here we start digging deeper into marketing, showing you how to track your marketing and avoid marketing pitfalls. As we progress, you’ll discover how to improve your own marketing by examining what your competitors are doing—and we’ll walk you through a key tactic you can use to make your business stand apart from the rest.

Stop Losing Money on Marketing - Introduction

In this module, you'll learn how to avoid the #1 marketing pain: investing in marketing that doesn't work. You'll receive an overview of the course, basic marketing definitions, and begin your marketing plan blueprint.

What Should You Spend on Marketing - How to Figure That Out

Wonder how to create a marketing budget that GROWS your business? In this module, learn exactly what critical data points Joy Gendusa has based PostcardMania's growth on for 22 years.

Learn What You Should Spend to Acquire a New Client Based on YOUR Business

In this module, you'll find out the lifetime value of your customer, as well as the importance of response rate vs. return on investment.

How to Track Your Marketing Results

Here you'll learn the #1 reason marketing "fails". You'll learn about the importance of marketing tracking, as well as implement simple tracking methods that will help you further determine your marketing budget.

Find Out What Your Competition Is Doing

Get ready for some practical exercises! Because in this module you'll do a deep dive into how to analyze your competition (local and regional) so you can improve your own marketing.

The Biggest Best Secret in Marketing - Never Market Without Knowing This!!

Get ready to stand out from your competition! In this module you'll learn about unique selling propositions and come up with one that will make you the preferred choice in your industry.